APB Dynasonics H1020 - Expand Your Opportunities

Choosing the right mixer is often fraught with various criteria, one of them are to have enough channels. The H1020 rack mixer offers a lot of function in a small space, but we often hear from potential users that the number of channels (16/20) is not enough.

Linking function:
The linking function allows multiple mixers to be linked together. The functions go beyond normal cascading and the units practically behave like one big console. Functions such as aux sends, bus groups, solo or cue can be transferred from one console to the other.

How does it all work?
First we need to define which console is to be used as the primary and which as the secondary console. We need the following cables:
- 2x 5-pin MIDI cable
- 14x XLR-Female to 6.3mm jack cable
* The length of the cables depends on how far apart the consoles are.

1) Connect the Aux Mix Out 1-6 outputs to the Aux Mix In 1-6 inputs.
2) Connect the Group Mix Out 1-4 outputs to the Group Mix In 1-4 inputs.
3) Connect the Main Out L-R outputs to the Main Out L-R Bus In inputs.
4) Connect the Main Out C output to the Main Out C Bus In input.
5) Connect the Main Out M output to the Main Out M Bus In input.
6) Connect the Solo Linking In-Out MIDI socket to the Solo Linking Out-In MIDI socket.
7) Connect the Solo Linking Out-In MIDI socket to the Solo Linking In-Out MIDI socket.
8) The following faders on the secondary console must be set to unity gain (0 dB): Group 1-4, L-R, M, C


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